Garden Center University has been an integral part of the growth and success of North America's leading garden centers since 2002. The two year course for owners and top managers is a mini-MBA for garden center management. The five "semesters" will improve the profit and market position of both small and large garden centers, veteran companies and new businesses alike.

"Since I began with GCU, I gained enough nerve to add a design staff of 2, sometimes 3, It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Our profits from this are nice, and we were not able to get all the landscape work completed before snowfall. So we have jobs waiting for the spring thaw.

Anyhoo, I want all employees to also be involved in creating a better shopping environment for our store customers.

We are considering some new paving for the outdoor sales area, covered walkway and covered areas, small water garden to display aquatics, etc.

We can only do a few things now.... but wanted you to know that your efforts are not lost. Even when I have a blank stare in class ..... I'm getting it, or enough of it to make a difference.

So hats off to you sir for assisting me in getting to the next step, and for my awareness that I have miles to go. I love a challenge and I look forward to the future.

From here out, I hope to maintain a tight grasp on good business practices and make each step an enjoyable achievement for all involved.

Thank You GCU."
GCU Class of 2008

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